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December Soups
Chili Cubano Chili Cubano
Chocked full of vegetables and green olives, this sensational chili is seasoned with a savory mix of Cuban Spices.

Vegan/Gluten Free

Vegetable Posole Soup Vegetable Posole Soup
This spicy soup is made with a Pasilla pepper and tomato base. We then add hominy, carrots, kale, peppers and Mexican spices to create a healthy new twist on an old favorite.

Vegan/Gluten Free

Sweet Potato Bisque with Blue Cheese Sweet Potato Bisque with Blue Cheese
Who can say no to sweet potato? This creamy delight is made with roasted sweet potatoes and a touch of blue cheese and buttermilk. Perfect for any meal or even a hearty lunch.

Vegetarian/Trace Gluten

Moroccan Lentil Chickpea Soup Moroccan Lentil Chickpea Soup
This new take on a traditional favorite mixes hearty brown lentils with chickpeas and fresh vegetables. A savory blend of exotic spices add warmth to make this soup a perfect meal.

Vegan/Gluten Free

Carrot Ginger Soup with Orange Carrot Ginger Soup with Orange
Fresh ginger and all-natural orange juice make this carrot soup one of our favorites. It's velvety texture and zesty sweetness will keep you coming back for more.

Vegan/Gluten Free

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Green Split Pea Soup with Basil

Green Split Pea Soup with Basil Green Split Pea Soup with Basil
- Think green! Green split peas and zucchini are simmered together with garlic and fresh basil. Feel free to give in to temptation, it's great for you.

Simply put, split peas are a power house of the legume family. These peas have been specifically grown for centuries to be dried and stored for later use. Once the pea has been dried, the outer shell naturally falls off. This shell is what hold the 2 naturally occurring portions of pea together. Without the shell, the dried pea naturally splits.

Think of a peanut, another member of the legume family. When it is green and raw, the thin membrane holds the 2 parts of the peanut together. But when dried, the peanut naturally splits in half.

Popular for centuries, the split pea boasts twice the surface area of a dried bean. This allows for faster cooking and eliminates the need for soaking before cooking as is necessary with other dried members of the legume family. The most common colors of split peas today are green and yellow.

These peas are not only delicious, but have a pretty important historical significance. Famous geneticist George Mendel used these peas to study the dominant and recessive genes that pass along the color trait and helped out current understanding of phenotypes.

Split peas have been called a "super-food". They are high in protein and very low in fat. Split peas are also naturally in fiber making them the ideal dish for healthy eating.

Vegan / Gluten Free

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