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May Soups
Chili Cubano Chili Cubano
Chocked full of vegetables and green olives, this sensational chili is seasoned with a savory mix of Cuban Spices.

Vegan/Gluten Free

Thai Coconut Vegetable Soup Thai Coconut Vegetable Soup
Sultry Thai vegan curry paste and a touch of peanut butter are blended with coconut milk, fresh basil and healthy vegetables to create this soup sensation.

Vegan/Gluten Free

Chipotle Potato Soup Chipotle Potato Soup
Hearty red potatoes are blended with a touch of sour cream. We add corn, cilantro and fresh peppers and a festive blend of South Western spices.

Vegetarian/Gluten Free

Tuscan Lentil Soup Tuscan Lentil Soup
The light taste of tomato and brown lentils are simmered with fresh vegetables, basil and rosemary. This healthy soup is hearty enough for a meal.

Vegan/Gluten Free

Arabic Spiced Tomato with Couscous Arabic Spiced Tomato with Couscous
Rich and flavorful spices from the far-away lands are balanced with agave nectar, fresh herbs and Israeli Couscous in this tantalizing tomato soup.


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Cauliflower Soup with Fennel

Peppered Caulifower Soup with Sour Cream Cauliflower Soup with Fennel
Fresh cauliflower and sweet white potatoes are seasoned with a dash of black pepper and fennel seeds and a touch of sour cream.

Vegetarian / Gluten Free.

It seems that people love or hate cauliflower. Cauliflower is one of the many members of the Cruciferous family that also includes broccoli, cabbage, bok choy and brussle sprouts. When boiled in plain water, these vegetables can produce quite an unpleasant odor.

As smell is married to taste, many people have pushed aside this historical and healthy power house because of the release of sulfur compounds. Luckily, the sulfur in the air does not impact the taste of the finished product, but frequently people unfairly associate the taste with this side effect.

Cauliflower literally means "cabbage flower". While closely related this is not actually the case. References to cauliflower go back to the start of our AD era but didn't gain in popularity in Europe until the 17th century. As the growing cauliflower plant prefers cool, moist areas. Thus the European climate suited it perfectly and it rapidly gained popularity.

Our cauliflower soup begins with boiling white sweet potatoes with the stems and stalk of the cauliflower and fennel. Once pureed we add the cauliflower florets to the soup and cool minimally to preserve the many vitamins and minerals which this vegetable is known for.

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