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February Soups
Chili Mole Chili Mole
Traditional chili spices are scented with unsweetened Mexican cocoa and simmered with red beans, fresh sweet potatoes, corn and pumpkin seeds (pepitos) for a unique, rich flavor.

Vegan/Gluten Free

Indian Pinto Bean Curry Indian Pinto Bean Curry
This delicious Indian Curry blends exotic spices with Madras Curry. We add fresh yams, cauliflower, ginger and celery to this exotic mix to create a filling, yet healthy vegan meal.

Vegan/Gluten Free

Cauliflower Soup with Fennel Cauliflower Soup with Fennel
Cauliflower Soup with Fennel
Fresh cauliflower and sweet white potatoes are seasoned with a dash of black pepper and fennel seeds and a touch of sour cream.

Vegetarian/Gluten Free

Tuscan Lentil Stew Tuscan Lentil Stew
The light taste of tomato and brown lentils are simmered with fresh vegetables, basil and rosemary. This healthy soup is hearty enough for a meal.

Vegan/Gluten Free

Arabic Spiced Tomato Soup with Couscous Arabic Spiced Tomato Soup with Couscous
Rich and flavorful spices from the far-away lands are balanced with agave nectar, fresh herbs and Israeli Couscous in this tantalizing tomato soup.


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Lentil Soup with Coconut Curry

Decker Brothers Gourmet - Soup Recipes

With so many wonderful soup recipes, we create new and exciting selections each month. But many of our past soups are too good not to repeat. Please browse our Soup Recipes below and let us know if there are any soups you'd like to see again. We strive to use fresh, seasonal ingredients in all of our soups, so some are only available during certain months of the year.
Vegetable Soups
African Ground Nut Soup African Ground Nut Soup
This traditional, African soup recipe boasts a rich and creamy texture that's sure to become a seasonal favorite. *Vegan*
Caribbean Vegetable Soup Caribbean Vegetable Soup
Tangy tamarind, orange juice and coconut milk are combined with hearty chickpeas carrots and sweet potatoes to create a light and refreshing summer soup that can be enjoyed either hot or cold. Each serving has only a 1/2 a gram of fat! *Gluten Free/Vegan*

Garlic Spinach Soup Garlic Spinach Soup
We create this Italian favorite with fresh, roasted garlic then add potato, spinach and parmesan cheese for a rich, creamy delight. *Gluten Free/Vegetarian*

Miso Skinny Veggie Soup Miso Skinny Veggie Soup
1 little gram of fat and only 40 calories per serving, this slimming soup is spiced with Japanese Miso and a mouthful of fresh vegetables. *Vegan*

Thai Coconut Soup Thai Coconut Soup
Sultry Thai red curry paste is steeped with coconut milk, fresh basil, enoki mushrooms and healthy vegetables to create this summer sensation. *Gluten Free/Vegan*

Fresh Herb and Vegetable Chowder Vegetable Chowder with Fresh Herbs
A warm, sophisticated blend of fresh herbs and vegetables combine in this delicious medley of flavors. *Gluten Free/Vegan*

Posole Veggie Posole Veggie
This spicy soup is made with a Pasilla pepper, pumpkin and tomato base. We then add hominy, carrots, kale, peppers and delicious spices to this summer treat! *Vegan / Gluten Free*

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