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December Soups
Chili Cubano Chili Cubano
Chocked full of vegetables and green olives, this sensational chili is seasoned with a savory mix of Cuban Spices

Vegan/Gluten Free

Vegetable Posole Vegetable Posole
This spicy soup is made with a Pasilla pepper and tomato base. We then add hominy, carrots, kale, peppers and Mexican spices to create a healthy new twist on an old favorite.

Vegan/Gluten Free

Sweet Potato Bisque with Blue Cheese Sweet Potato Bisque with Blue Cheese
Who can say no to sweet potato? This creamy delight is made with roasted sweet potatoes and a touch of blue cheese and buttermilk. Perfect for any meal or even a hearty lunch.

Vegetarian/Gluten Free

Green Split Pea Soup with Basil Green Split Pea Soup with Basil
Think green! Green split peas and zucchini are simmered together with garlic and fresh basil. Feel free to give in to temptation, it's great for you.

Vegan/Gluten Free

Pumpkin Thai Soup Pumpkin Thai Soup
Rich and aromatic Thai red curry, coconut milk and a touch of peanut butter go into this velvety, vegan "bisque". This sensational soup has San Diego simmering.

Vegan/Gluten Free

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Decker Brothers Gourmet - Chili Recipes

La Mesa Chili Cook Off - June 27th 2009

La Mesa Chili Cook Off Winner: Most Unique Chili Recipe!

In partnership with Cosmos Coffee Cafe at the 1st Annual Keller William Chili Cook Off, Decker Brothers Gourmet won an award for The Most Unique Chili recipe. Hundreds of La Mesa spectators, judges and residents sampled our famous Chili Mole and judged it to be The Most Unique Chili Recipe. We're looking forward to working with Cosmos Coffee Cafe next year. Stop by and see them for some of our delicious, and now award-winning, Chili Mole or any of our other delicous soup selections.
Chili Amore! Chili Amore!
This is like no other chili that has passed your lips. Our February chili is seasoned with Ghirardelli unsweetened chocolate and a touch of fragrant lavendar for an unexpected flavor combination that will warm the heart and soul. *Vegan/Gluten Free*

Black Bean Chili Chili Black Bean
Our secret bend of sweet and savory spices make this Mexican twist on chili a hearty and filling meal. *Gluten Free/Vegan*

Chili Chipotle Chili Chipotle
This fall favorite features a smokey, chipotle flavor and is filled with fresh vegetables. *Gluten Free/Vegan*

Chili Cubano Chili Cubano
This fall favorite features a smokey, chipotle flavor and is filled with fresh vegetables. *Gluten Free/Vegan*

Chili Mole Chili Mole
Traditional chili seasoning is scented with unsweetened Mexican cocoa and simmered with red beans and fresh vegetables for a unique, rich flavor. *Gluten Free/Vegan*

Chili - Pinto Bean with Molasses Chili - Pinto Bean with Molasses
Just the right spices and fresh vegetables are sweetened with a touch of molasses in to this taste sensation. *Gluten Free/Vegan*

Chili Tomatillo Chili Tomatillo
Hearty pinto beans are stewed with tomatillos, squash, corn and green olives, then seasoned with a traditional mix of Mexican spices. A hearty, filling meal that's great for you! *Gluten Free/Vegan*

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