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January Soups
Chili Mole Chili Mole
Traditional chili spices are scented with unsweetened Mexican cocoa and simmered with red beans, fresh sweet potatoes, corn and pumpkin seeds (pepitos) for a unique, rich flavor.

Vegan/Gluten Free

Tuscan Veggie Soup Tuscan Veggie Soup
Tomatoes, fresh zucchini, garlic and green onion are simmered in a tomato-squash broth seasoned with fresh basil, fennel and balsamic vinegar then mixed with pasta.

Vegan/Gluten Free

Chipotle Potato Soup Chipotle Potato Soup
Hearty red potatoes are blended with a touch of sour cream. We add corn, cilantro and fresh peppers and a festive blend of South Western spices.

Vegetarian/Gluten Free

Moroccan Lentil Chickpea Soup Moroccan Lentil Chickpea Soup
This new take on a traditional favorite mixes hearty brown lentils with chickpeas and fresh vegetables. A savory blend of exotic spices add warmth to make this soup a perfect meal.

Vegan/Gluten Free

Tomato Basil Bisque with Ricotta Cheese Tomato Basil Bisque with Ricotta Cheese
Zesty tomatoes are cooked with fresh basil, balsamic vinegar and a balanced blend of spices, then blended to a creamy perfection with ricotta cheese.

Vegetarian/Gluten Free

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A Gourmet Soup Collection serving San Diego and beyond

Delicious, Healthy Soups Decker Brothers Gourmet cares about what you eat! We only use the finest ingredients and spices to create our vegan and vegetarian gourmet soup recipes. Our culinary creations will satisfy your appetite for fine food and will fill your need for a healthy, fresh alternative. We encourage you to look over our nutritional information and ingredients. Our fresh soups not only taste great, they are great for you!

Good Soup Never Tasted So Great!

Headed to the La Jolla? Stop by Shore Thing Cafe for a cup of soup.

Shore Thing
Shore Thing Cafe is a hip, new coffee shop and deli located at the entrance to La Jolla Shores. This new comer to La Jolla is already a popular breakfast and lunch spot for both the neighbors and visitors alike. They have an excellent selection of fresh and healthy breakfast and lunch options. We are proud to announce that they are now serving up the Decker Brothers Gourmet Soup! This surf-themed cafe prides itself in purchasing only the freshest and local provisions from local businesses, markets and farms.

Shore Thing is open every Monday - Saturda from 6:30pm - 2:30pm and from 7am - 2:30pm on the Sunday. The staff here knows their food and coffee and are always eager to suggest a option that you're sure to love.

So the next time your are in La Jolla and in need of a great meal, a hot cup of coffee and a warm cup of delicious soup, stop by Shore Thing and tell them the Decker Brothers sent you! They are located at 8080 La Jolla Shores Drive La Jolla, CA 92037 , You can even call ahead for pick up and to ask about today's soup selection: (858) 333-8933. Or visit them online at Shore Thing
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How we do what we do so well

Celeriac Apple Bisque
In order to deliver our fresh, gourmet soups with no additives or preservatives, we use a little mother nature and a little physics. Once we have crafted our culinary creations, we pour our soups into cook-chill barrier bags at temperatures exceeding 180 degrees. This creates an environment which inhibits bacterial growth in the final packaging which is delivered directly to you, our customers. We then heat-seal the bags at 180 degrees to lock in our delicious flavor and keep out unwanted bacteria.

Gourmet Soups after production

After our soups are heat-sealed, we chill our soups from 180 degrees to less than 45 degrees in about an hour and a half. While this takes extra steps in the cooling process, it greatly reduces any chances of bacterial growth. This technique delivers the highest quality of soup with an extended refrigerated shelf life with no additives or preservatives.
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